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Welcome to 'Central Light Stone' Community

Here I begin the new quest to discover all the intricate interpretations of the Truth that have been presented down the ages.

My personal philosophy is one that is based upon the notion of an ultimate oneness from which all beings have emerged. It is a philosophy that takes into account the laws of science and nature and unite them with the concept of a Total Light. This Total Light is the law through which we obtain ultimate bliss and allows for the potential of absolutely anything. This explains the name - Central Light Stone. The Light forms the heart of all existence and from it radiates all its glory. It is ultimate, universal and timeless. The philosophy is the Stone which upholds this ultimate Truth in our lives and is the key to unlocking the secrets of the Universe.

This community is open to anyone. Feel free to enter and share with us your thoughts. Please take time when you do so to say a little more about yourself including your set of beliefs and what you hope to gain from this community.
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