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This will be the main journal community for my philosophies. It will also be a community for sharing anything philosophy.
In the years after I graduate I seek to devote a substantial amount of time to the study of philosophy and the new philosophical framework I am starting to develop.
My philosophy seeks a new approach to arguments from religions and belief systems from all round the world. I am planning what I call a democratic philosophy. It seeks to form a perspective of the metaphysical universe allows equal consideration to all beliefs and faiths. It will promote a greater respect to people in different classes, subcultures and persuasions of society. It advocates greater gay and lesbian rights and promotes more dignity in society to single people be they post-relationship, virgin, celibate, or asexual.
I hope you find this journal useful in someway and I will check back in the not-too-future to update.
Eilif Gustafson liffyboy