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Welcome to 'Central Light Stone' Community

Here I begin the new quest to discover all the intricate interpretations of the Truth that have been presented down the ages.

My personal philosophy is one that is based upon the notion of an ultimate oneness from which all beings have emerged. It is a philosophy that takes into account the laws of science and nature and unite them with the concept of a Total Light. This Total Light is the law through which we obtain ultimate bliss and allows for the potential of absolutely anything. This explains the name - Central Light Stone. The Light forms the heart of all existence and from it radiates all its glory. It is ultimate, universal and timeless. The philosophy is the Stone which upholds this ultimate Truth in our lives and is the key to unlocking the secrets of the Universe.

This community is open to anyone. Feel free to enter and share with us your thoughts. Please take time when you do so to say a little more about yourself including your set of beliefs and what you hope to gain from this community.
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do you really think though that there IS an ultimate truth?
Is the ultimate truth of Buddha nature not of the essence, empty as it is? As things exist relatively there must be some cause to it ultimately. However, the Dalai Lama, himself in 'The Good Heart' said that 'even the truth could be multi-dimensional.' I have a set of ideas that could show many dimensions of relative existence radiating from the ultimate truth. But, yeah, that is an entire philosophical idea that over time I will investigate.
i mean i guess there could be ULTIMATE truths... but it just seems like an odd idea... that there is some giant cosmic truth that cannot be disputed no matter what.... it just has to be accepted because it is ultimately true... and nothing can change that.... i hate that feeling haha...

i mean even the Buddha's noble truths can be debated... the Buddha himself said not to accept anything he says... to find out for yourself... so the essence of the noble truths is to debate them and see if they work or apply to you...
i feel there are a lot of areas in Buddhism that are the cause of great debate. that is the purpose of this community. what you believe is down to your own mental disposition. there is however, a level of universal spirituality (basic spirituality, i think) that the Dalai Lama mentions in 'The Art of Happiness' which is based on the ethics of compassion and the understanding of suffering that is a common ideal for everyone.
i have the art of happiness... yet to read it though.... but i think i see what you are saying now... i do agree with a universal spirituality... because dualistic thinking would be to say there is a difference in spiritual existence and mundane existence and its all the same.... but at the same time what seperates a universal truth from a relative truth.... or for that matter what seperates truth from lie or reality from illusion... it's all dualistic thinking.... a product of the universal mind which we all are...

there is no difference in all things other than the label given to them...

*confused* haha